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#1                  TRAY OF FRIED CHICKEN

21 Pieces— Hot or Cold   $37.00

Chicken fingers also available!

50 pc. $43      100  $82


Serves 10-15

Freshly prepared for you.

Includes Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Imported boiled Ham,

Hard Salami, Imported Swiss Cheese, American cheese,

Sliced Pickles, Rolls and Rye Bread.

Your choice of Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, or Cole Slaw.

Mustard and Mayonnaise included!

All tastefully arranged on a tray!



#3             FINGER SANDWICHES

Tasty, bite size assorted sandwiches made with

Imported Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Shrimp Salad and Chicken  Salad.

All freshly made and placed on a tray!

40  pieces    FULL TRAY  (serves 10-15)    $71.00

20  pieces    HALF TRAY ( serves 5-8)         $38.00


#4  TRAY OF DELICIOUS ASSORTED SUBS                                 Assorted pieces of our famous subs.

All ready to go!

40  pieces   FULL TRAY  (serves 10 - 15)  $57.00                                                  20  pieces  HALF TRAY (serves 5-8)           $33.00




Soft rolls, All stuffed with our famous

homemade salads.

(shrimp, egg , tuna and chicken.)

All garnished and ready for your table!

20 rolls  FULL TRAY (serves 10-15)    $73.00

10 rolls  HALF TRAY (serves 5-8)     $40.00


#6                GIANT PARTY SUBS                       

Your choice of meats or salads.

Placed on a cutting board, ready for you to serve!

 6 foot    Serves 25-30     $76.00  & Up

3 Foot   Serves 10-15      $47.00 & Up




  #7                         SHRIMP TRAY

Serves  10-15

5 lb.  Freshly steamed shrimp  (Approx 100-125 shrimp)

 in their shells, with a bed of lettuce, lemon wedges,

and our own cocktail sauce!

Peel your own!



  #8              SLOPPY JOE TRAYS

A combination of Turkey and Corned Beef,

and Roast Beef and Turkey on 3 slices of bread,

with cole slaw and Russian dressing.

A real treat!

40  pieces  FULL TRAY  (serves 12-16)   $84.00

20  pieces  HALF TRAY  (serves 6-8)       $48.00


  #9           THE CROWD PLEASER

Includes Roast Beef, Baked Virginia Ham,

Corned Beef, Turkey Breast, Hard Salami,

American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Muenster Cheese,

rye bread, Hard rolls, pickles, potato salad,

cole slaw and macaroni salad.

Mustard and mayonnaise included.

This one is fit for a king!

20 Person Minimum         $6.59 Per Person


  #10                 GARDEN SALAD

Fresh veggies tossed with crisp green lettuce

 on a platter. Your choice of dressing.

(thousand island, Italian or ranch dressing)

 SMALL    (serves 5-9)         $19.00

MEDIUM   (serves 10-15)   $28.00

LARGE  (serves 16-20)      $38.00


  #11                 CHEF’S  SALAD

Mixed green, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs,

with julienne slices of Roast Beef,

Turkey Breast, Ham, and Swiss Cheese.

Your choice of dressings. (Italian, thousand

 island or ranch dressing)

SMALL  (serves 5-9)         $25.00

MEDIUM  (serves 10-15)  $40.00

LARGE  (serves 16-20)      $50.00



$5 doz.